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Melanie Fiona - “It Kills Me” (Video)

Melanie Fiona - “It Kills Me” (Video)

on Sep 28 in Melanie FionaR&BVideos

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Hot damn, I love this record… ah yeeeaaassssah, woo!!!!  A snippet of the song leaked earlier in the year and I played the hell outta that two minutes and forty three seconds until the full version was released.  M. Fee’s first official single, “Give It To Me Right” from her debut album The Bridge was hot too, but “It Kills Me” as the follow-up is like what “We Belong Together” was for Mimi’s Emancipation project.  First of all, I’m a sucker for strings.  Second, I’m a sucker for a chick with vocal chops.  Thirdly, I digs me some high drama.  Throw it all in a blender and you’ve quickly whipped up a smoothie made of heaven, in my eyes.

So yes, the video—-  It’s a sepia-toned tragic love story with M. Fee is goin’ through it as she croons about her painful relationship with the spanish cat from this month’s Tyler Perry Chitlins-In-A-Jelly-Jar-Colored-Folk Flick. Anyways, a road in the middle of nowhere is the setting for Mel’s heartbreak with a full band backing her up as she croons about doing hoodrat stuff like prank calling her man’s other piece.  The song just screams for a dramatic video and “It Kills Me” delivers by being a perfect mix of retro-vibed class, melodrama, and a perfect pinch of hood essence.  Keisha Cole would strangle Neffie with one of Frankie’s wigs for a future Quiet Storm classic like this and its the best single that Chante Moore never recorded.  Props all around to Melanie, the band, and ol’ boy from CSI moonlighting as Miss Fiona’s man candy.  Grade: B


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