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MFBTY - “Bang Diggy Bang Bang” (Video)

MFBTY - “Bang Diggy Bang Bang” (Video)

on Apr 15 in Hip HopK-Pop/K-R&B/K-Hip HopMFBTYPassport TunesVideos

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It was only a few weeks ago that I was complaining about how the K-Pop world was taking it’s sweet a$$ time hitting me with some certifiable jams in 2015 to which they quickly responded, “Shut up… and here ya go!”  While the Girls’ Generation single turned out to be a swirling EDM thump thump thump of “meh” for me, I have been all about recent releases from EXO, Super Junior - D&E, miss A, Gaeko and these folks… MFBTY.

Don’t sleep, it’s not just the shiny idols of K-Pop hitting you with eye candy videos; the hip hop artists have a few visual ooh la la moments as well.  MFBTY, as the song reminds you a few times, consists of rappers Tiger JK, Bizzy and Yoonmirae.  The group rivals Diddy when it comes to name change frequency, but… well, bangers, like “Bang Diggy Bang Bang” are quick reminders that what they’re calling themselves this week doesn’t matter.

One of the things that I love about K-Pop/K-Hip Hop/K-R&B etc. is the genre(s) penchant for taking seemingly disparate influences, throwing them in a blender and pouring out a delicious visual and sonic smoothie that you never thought would taste so good given the ingredients.  In a very busy three minutes, MFBTY borrow from Desi culture, hip hop, West African dance and throw in some cornrows and pillow fights for a track that features rapping in Korean, chanting, and a splash of English… whew!

I know that the cultural appropriation thing has been a hot button issue recently, but I’m really digging “Bang Diggy Bang Bang”‘s multiculti mashup madness and I love that the hair braiding scene is allegedly an acknowledgment of Yoonmirae’s bircacial identiy—- plus she also mentions it in one of her verses.  So while Miley’s twerking and grill wearing antics come of as “Disney girl’s shameless bid for street cred”, MFBTY’s poly-cultural fusion leans more towards “Respect” rather than “Ridiculous.”

** UPDATE ** OK in the interest of full disclosure and against my better judgement, I’m kinda warming up to that Girls’ Generation single.  Don’t judge me.  I’m still “meh” about that video, though.



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