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Miley Cyrus x Sinead O’Connor - “Nothing Compares To Wrecking Ball” (Video)

Miley Cyrus x Sinead O’Connor - “Nothing Compares To Wrecking Ball” (Video)

on Oct 08 in 90'sMiley CyrusPopRobin SkouterisSinead O'ConnerVideos

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D*mn you Robin Skouteris!  D*mn you and your-great-bordering-on-genius idea to seize a pop culture moment and elevate it to something that I cannot dismiss.  Yes, Billy Ray’s Achy Breaky Tart has been wildin’ out with her recent “look at ME!” antics providing plenty of blog fodder, but ultimately it’s simply another young girl confusing objectification with maturation.

I was perfectly fine with being not the least bit interested in “Wrecking Ball”, the latest single from the post-Disney, nakedly “empowered” exposed tongue known as Miley Cyrus.  The (attempts at) twerking, the teddys, the weed ‘n’ Molly shoutouts… it was all becoming a bit try too hard for my tastes and besides, does the pop world really need a vanilla Rihanna?  Yes, Mi-Cy is still riding the attention wave from her infamous VMA performance, which will surely be included on every “shocking moments!” montage that MTV produces from now until eternity.  And yes, I have had various friends sing the praises of either the video or the actual song, but nothing about “Wrecking Ball” warranted a repeat visit from me… until now.

Robin Skouteris is a DJ/producer/mashup maestro from Greece who has smartly capitalized on the current and equally sad Twitter beef between Miley and Sinead by creating a surprisingly effective “duet” between the two.  Before things got hectic and these ladies became Twit-nemies, My had gone so far as to cite Sinny’s video for her 90’s smash “Nothing Compares 2 U” as inspiration for the Terry Richardson-directed “Wrecking Ball” clip.  Robin’s mix seamlessly melds the two singles placing the former Hannah Montana’s vocals over the “Nothing Compares…” beat and peppers the track in a few spots with Sinead’s memorable chorus.

Equally impressive is Skouteris’ video mix, which wisely discards all the sledgehammer licking/naked ball mounting business that made Miley’s original video an unnecessary soft core porn homage masquerading as symbolism, and this 2.0 version instead marries the tear stained extreme close-up visuals of both ladies working through their recent boo breakups.  Imagine that… take away the shock value, throw the vocal over a classic track and you’ve got yourself the best single that Miley Cyrus never released!

Robin is generously offering his mashup mix as a free download as well…



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