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Missy Elliott featuring Timbaland - “9th Inning” & “Triple Threat”

Missy Elliott featuring Timbaland - “9th Inning” & “Triple Threat”

on Sep 18 in Hip HopMissy ElliottTimbaland

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After several false starts and a not quite fulfilled promise of new released music during Labor Day weekend, it seems as though Miss Supa Dupa fly is officially back with the release of not one, but two(!) new singles.

“9th Inning” and “Triple Threat” got the sneak peak treatment recently when a YouTube video surfaced featuring Missy and Timbaland performing the tracks at a club.  While the muddy audio of that video made it hard to determine if the songs were indeed long overdue comeback bangers that everyone was expecting, the verdict is finally in now that the HQ versions are available for your streaming or (legally) downloading pleasure.  And?...

Well let me first say that I love that Missy and Timbaland are back to the business of making music together considering how they changed the sonic landscape of R&B and hip hop in the late 90s and early 2000s.  However, it is with a bit of disappointment that my initial reaction to their new stuff was along the lines of “I guess, they’re… aight”.  Artists of a lesser caliber might be able to get away with “aight”, but not Missy ‘n’ Tim?—- hee hee hee hee no!  Part of the problem for me with these new tracks is that the duo was so busy boasting about being game-changers—- which they are (were?)—- that they didn’t bother, this time around, to actually change the game.  This is the partnership who gave us, among others, “One In A Million” and “Get UR Freak On” and the best they could do was dated and warmed over Tim beats and what sounds like an early draft of what could have been dope verses from Missy?

Bragging about being “hot sh*t” on a pair singles that are lukewarm at best is not a good move as it validates the charges of irrelevancy being thrown Missy ‘n’ Tim’s way by “the haters” that they unsuccessfully tried to silence with these new joints.  Most problematic for me is Timbaland, whose talents are vastly better utilized crafting next level beats, and his insistence on subjecting us to eye roll-worthy lyrics about guns in people’s mouths and Lady Gaga shoutouts wherein he suggests that she “let a n*gga produce her album”... ugh, yeah he said that.  And in the midst of Timbo’s ego getting the best of him over the course of both records lies a set of, sigh, tragically uninspired verses from Miz Elliott whose only clever one-liner is a Left Eye reference.  Ummm, what happened to the Missy from that recent M.I.A. remix who was “smashing b*tches like ham sandwiches”?

No one can argue with the next level status of their past efforts, but the underwhelming results of the latest collabo suggest that the duo might be coasting on reputation.  I’m gonna hold on to faith, though, that “9th Inning” and “Triple Threat” are false starts and that brilliance awaits us on Missy’s upcoming Block Party album as well as at least one Dave Meyers-directed eye candy classic video.





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