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Namie Amuro - “In Two” & “Showtime” (Video)

Namie Amuro - “In Two” & “Showtime” (Video)

on Nov 15 in J-PopNamie Amuro

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Part of the fun of coming to Japan—- or any country for that matter—- is to discover which songs/artists are the right now pop culture moments and after a week of being here I can declare that Namie Amuro is E-VE-RY-WHERE and resistance is futile!

I’ve been only vaguely familiar with Namie in the past and I clearly have some—or rather A LOT—- of catching up to do as she is retiring next year after an impressive two plus decades(!) run here in JP.  The pop culture angels must’ve sensed that I needed a crash course in all things Namie as I caught most of a video retrospective of hers a few days ago on TV which was then followed by multiple billboard sightings in several cities for her massive greatest hits collection that was just released. The Amuro Assault continued in “take no prisoners mode” as I found myself in an electronics store the other day only to be have my shopping halted by a ginormous screen playing her “In Two” video on an attention hijacking loop.

I’m a sucker for the pop diva/flashy visuals/choreo x a catchy dance track formula so I stood frozen, a voluntary zombie in the store, while the “In Two” video served as my official full-length exposure to Miz Amuro.  A quick Google search revealed that she is often compared to Madonna and Janet Jackson and the media blitz surrounding her retirement makes it clear that Namie is J-Pop royalty and, two decades in, I betta recognize!

Join me in my Namie crash course by checking out her YouTube channel after sampling her latest videos below.




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