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Natalia Lafourcade - “Hasta La Raíz” (Video)

Natalia Lafourcade - “Hasta La Raíz” (Video)

on Sep 06 in Latin Pop/UrbanoNatalia LafourcadeVideos

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So apparently this single was huge last year and its parent album of the same name snagged a few Latin Grammys as well so I feel a little left out that there was a Natalia Lafourcade party going on and I wasn’t invited.

I spent the summer slowly discovering new album cuts but the one I keep coming back to is the title track, “Hasta La Raíz” (to the root).  I made certain assumptions based on the guitar-driven singer/songwriter vibes that I got from “Hasta” so I was surprised to find that, having finally watched the video, La Lafourcade doesn’t look anything like Julieta Venegas!

The video is an effectively simple concept that finds Natalia multitasking (a quick make-up job, a bit of guitar strumming, a lil’ make out session) all with the assistance of the most helpful mosh pit ever! It’s all shot in moody black and white and the reveal at the end was a nice touch.  Now that the temperature is dropping in NYC, this album will be the perfect soundtrack for those fall Sunday mornings when I just wanna be in my thoughts while some Spanish folk/pop serenades me in the background.



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