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NERD - “Hypnotize U” (Video)

NERD - “Hypnotize U” (Video)

on Nov 02 in N.E.R.DR&BVideos

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So, less than a week after the teaser gets released for Cee-Lo’s big 80’s synth anthem “Bright Lights, Bigger City” do we get a full-length video premiere from N.E.R.D for “Hypnotize U”, yet another track that seems to have a spiritual connection to the decade of excess.

First of all, Pharrell is insufferably sooo full of himself that when I saw the opening shots of him in the shower pretending to be naked I almost kept it moving cuz I had no interest in participating in his “I’m sexy, ain’t I?” campaign.  However as the clip goes on, it does seem that there is more to it than simply force feeding us the notion of Skateboard P as a sex symbol.  In keeping with the Scarface Soundtrack-ish sleazy club ballad vibe of the song, the video takes place in a lavish mansion with Pha-real surrounded by an army of Euro-models who are transfixed by his.. I dunno, but he’s got ‘em under some kind of spell.  *cue eye roll*

The clip has a very stylish, clean (with or without that shower business) and simplistic look, all of which is almost undermined cuz I just can’t take P. Will seriously when he’s doing his irresistible loverman shtick… in falsetto, no less!  The whole sex god act seems so comical and forced that he sometimes strikes me as someone doing a parody of a not-as-fly-as-he-thinks-he-is ego maniacal pop star.  The rest of the group is reduced to making cameos in the video watching hypnosis-themed footage on a flat screen while P. Dub is running around literally taking the breath away of his half-dressed harem.

The production on the track (courtesy of Daft Punk!) and the concept are the real stars here.  The challenge is to appreciate the song and video despite the distracting “look at me!” shenanigans of the lead uh… “singer”.  Grade: C+



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