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Nicki Minaj featuring Will I Am - “Check It Out” (Video)

Nicki Minaj featuring Will I Am - “Check It Out” (Video)

on Oct 25 in Hip HopNicki MinajPopVideosWill.I.Am

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The Kanye video is gonna have to wait yet another day, cuz I just don’t have the 35 minutes to devote to Mr. West and what I’m sure is gonna be some grand, multi-layered artistic statement about… something.  In the meantime, I did have four minutes to check out the latest from the Lead Boy Pea and Kim 2.0.

I’ve been bumping “Check It Out” on my iPod for a minute now (even came up with some choreo for it) but a funny thing always happens about a minute and a half into it, I seem to grow bored with the track and move on the next one.  There’s something about Will’s verse that always has me reaching for the skip button; I don’t know what it is.  But I digress, “Check” is the latest single from Nicki Minaj and Will.I.Am and while I’m not normally a fan of either, I kinda like this new vid.

La Minaj and all of her usually annoying Nicki-isms have finally found a tolerable outlet—- the facial tics, the awkward “dancing”, the fondness for wacky wigs… it all makes sense in the context of a spacey pop vid.  Much like Rihanna’s recent “Who’s That Chick?” clip, “Check It Out” is a non-stop shoutout to Asian pop culture as Will ‘n’ Nics cram a wacky game show host, candy-colored Japanese graphics, and a politely appreciative audience of what looks like Tokyo hipsters into a very busy four minutes.  Despite all this this Jap-adoration, though, I was most impressed with the choreography and the special effects.  The two-dancers-digitized-as-twenty and the upside down shot during Nicki’s second verse are pretty much what sold me on the whole production.

And although I think Big Willy’s “intergalactic black kid” persona has worn out its welcome—- I was over it halfway through the last album—- it doesn’t seem as “desperately trying to be to be cool” as it has in the past.  Unfortunately, Am and La Minaj’s space brotha/robo-vixen antics aren’t anything that we haven’t already seen from them oh so many times before so “Check It Out” isn’t so much an “oooh” moment as it is an “oh” moment—- as in “oh, they finally put that tired shtick to good use.”  Grade: B

WARNING: This is not the radio edit, so there is some cursin’ goin’ on.



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