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Nicki Minaj -  “Tragedy” (Lil’ Kim Diss) (Snippet)

Nicki Minaj -  “Tragedy” (Lil’ Kim Diss) (Snippet)

on Apr 03 in Hip HopLil' KimNicki Minaj

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Short and… not so sweet.  Yup, Nicks comes with her most obvious Kim-targeting verse to date with the release of the (sad but true) diss track “Tragedy.”  As long as this beef stays on wax, then I’ve got no issue with it.

Let’s be clear though, Kim was and is the true “Queen B”.  Her verses on the “Benjamins” and “Quiet Storm” remixes alone pretty much shut down all of Nicki’s catalogue; however, her recent antics make it increasingly harder to defend what was once an untouchable legacy.  Clearly past her prime and a walking punchline at this point, Kim could have left well enough alone and simply rested on her legendary status… but no.  Ego got the best of Kimmy and seeing another female jack her back in the day swag was too much and it has so far produced lame diss tracks, embarrassing interviews, and additional fuel for the “Biggie wrote her rhymes” fire.  It’s sad, cuz petty jealousy and a pathetic pen game are quickly cheapening what was once an impressive career built on rewind-worthy classic quotable verses.

So, after a few somewhat subtle Kim attacks, La Minaj aims for the jugular with this new track preview and completely slays the Notorious K.I.M. with the Paypal line alone.  However, the biggest laugh in this all too brief assault comes when N. Min hits us with, “You a tragedy, you a parody, last name Ann, first name Raaaaaaaggedy.”—- comedy gold and I can’t wait to hear the track in full, though it will obviously come at the expense of my girl Kim.

Barring some otherworldly lyrical inspiration from B.I.G., now might a good time for Kimberly to bow out gracefully (what little grace there is left) and end this battle for which she was never prepared in the first place.  Your rapidly devaluing status and shamed fans beg of you please Kim, kindly sit ‘n’ shut the eff up!

Nicki Minaj - “Tragedy” (Lil’ Kim Diss) (Snippet)



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