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NIOEH x KHẮC HƯNG x MIN x ERIK - “Ghen Cô Vy” & “Ghen” (Video) ** UPDATED W/ENGLISH VERSION! **

NIOEH x KHẮC HƯNG x MIN x ERIK - “Ghen Cô Vy” & “Ghen” (Video) ** UPDATED W/ENGLISH VERSION! **

on Mar 02 in Passport Tunes

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During these hectic times when Coronavirus hysteria is picking up steam it seems the cure has come in the form of… pop music? Specifically pop music from Vietnam??? Preventable measures to combat a “new flu” cloaked in a catchy, sing-a-long is brillz and we might have to send Vietnam a huge thank you note for saving our lives and our “dance party” playlists.

All thanks go to John Oliver, who devoted an entire episode of his show Last Week Tonight to the current Coronavirus situation including shouting out this PSA that is equal parts public safety efforts, undeniable bop and Tik Tok dance craze inspiration. A little digging revealed that the song is a re-write of a V-Pop (had no idea that “V-Pop” was a thing BTW) from a few years ago!

Soooo, click on the first video for a how to on kicking COVID-19’s ass and then click on the second video for the glossy, relationship melodrama of the original. You’re welcome.




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