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Omarion featuring Gucci Mane - “I Get It In” (Video)

Omarion featuring Gucci Mane - “I Get It In” (Video)

on Dec 09 in Gucci ManeOmarionR&BVideos

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This video has been out for a few weeks, which is an eternity in the blogosphere, but dammit I’ve been meaning to put in my two cents about it and I’m gonna!

OK, so after being subjected to a handful of video teasers crowning O. the “king of dance” (um, sure) and suggesting that this video was gonna really shake things up… well, it turns out all that hype was for a just aight video.  I mean, its obvious Omari felt he had something to prove and he was really going hard with the choreography but at some point someone in his camp who saw that “bench press the girl dancers” business in rehearsals or on set should’ve pulled him aside and let him know that he was officially doing too much.

And yes, the white background definitely brings to mind dancing nemesis/colleague Chris Brown’s recent clip for “I Can Transform Ya”, but I kinda dig Omari’s video and I thought the whole Drumline section was kinda dope.  Clearly his agenda was to do a full out dance video; its just a shame that all that effort was spent on a so-so track.  Grade: B-




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