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Omarion featuring Jay Rock - “Hoodie” (Video)

Omarion featuring Jay Rock - “Hoodie” (Video)

on Jan 09 in OmarionR&BVideos

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Alright well J. Lo is singin’ about shoes and Omarion is singin’ about hoodies, if I didn’t know any better I’d swear that the music industry is being run by H&M.

Anyways, I was all set to clown Omarion for the song’s ridiculous lyrics, but the video is kinda hot… and kinda not; who is Jay Rock and why was his dry a$$ rap allowed on the song?  Also, dedicating this joint to MJ at the beginning does not excuse the potential corniness that you subject yourself to when your video concept is “Beat It 2.0”  However aside from the ever-increasing trend/imminent cliche of Michael tribute/dedications, Omarion manages to come up with a dope dance video that thankfully doesn’t include the bench pressing of other dancers.

‘Mari and his two-stepping thugboiz gather in a dusty warehouse and unleash some pretty tight and creative choreography before flirting with silliness in the form of a gang showdown towards the end.  And I dunno, for some reason the cinematic intro where the sparkly top/hoochie shorts clad young lady informs O that the “253 just shut it down” is comedy to me.  I feel like I’ll probably get past my initial “Really Omarion?  A song about your hoody?” reservations about the song on the strength of the video and that rap/rock sound which Lil’ Wayne has been trying to make happen for two years now.

That said, while I doubt he’ll ever reach the pop chart heights of Chris Fists of Fury, Omarion is doing a respectable job of giving him a run for his money on the dancefloor.  Grade: B


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