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Omarion - “Speedin” (Video)

Omarion - “Speedin” (Video)

on Jan 11 in OmarionR&BVideos

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Wow!  Omarion is really crankin’ out the videos at a Sasha Fierce pace here… I can’t keep up!  No sooner do I post a review of “Hoodie”, his love letter to the drawstring classic adored by gangbangers and college chicks alike, does a new video premiere for his current(?) single “Speedin’.”

Alright so in this one Omari is in ballad mode trying desperately to salvage what is apparently a relationship on the brink of ruin. —- SIDEBAR:  Why is it every time a couple breaks up in an R&B/Hip Hop video the “I’m leaving” bag of choice is ALWAYS Louis Vuitton?  Speaking of which, is that the LV logo shaved into the side of Omarion’s head???  Epic, major barbering FAIL!—-  The video is all sepia toned and comically dramatic with Omari, having studied at the University of Obvious, speeding down the ave in his sports car as speeding sound effects constantly punctuate a song called, yup, “Speedin’”... gee, overkill much?

The other thing that irks me about this video is a trend that has been goin’ on for a few years now with the teenybopper R&B dudes.  While the fake One Republic pretends to play in the background, O. delivers what I’m assuming are these heartfelt lyrics all while dancing around the damn stage!!!  Mofo, this ain’t “Touch”!... stand still and sing yo’ damn song!  He’s not the only one as Usher and Chris Brown are also guilty of this.  I hate it… we know y’all can dance but do we really need to see you wavin’ and poppin’ during an acoustic guitar midtempo song with “baby girl, I need you” lyrics???  Seeing these cats jumpin’ all around completely destroys the sentiment of the song and turns it into a pointless boogaloo ballad.  Broaden your range, fellas.

So yeah, despite the best efforts of the video’s bad Tyler Perry movie acting, abuse of the “speed” theme, and the distracting choreography—- not to mention that tragic Louis Vuitton etching—- I still kinda like the song.  Its a good look for O. and kind of a new sound… so why can’t he let go of those old cliches?  Grade: C


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