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OneRepublic - “Love Runs Out” (Video)

OneRepublic - “Love Runs Out” (Video)

on Aug 11 in OneRepublicPopVideos

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Yup, the new one from OneRepublic is right up there with that Katy B clip as one of my top fave videos of the year.  It may be “too late to apologize, but it ain’t too late to get into this jam!”

Sure, the band showed up for the shoot, but what truly makes the video memorable is somebody’s nana who is finding her life banging on those keys while a martini glass sits atop the piano patiently waiting to be sipped.  There is also a group of clapping kids, a game of catch, some dancing horses, stuttering screen projections, a bunch of tambourines flailing about with shredded fabric trailing behind, a clever sea of trash bags moment and a tribal gospel choir of dancers to really give the video a little y’know… pop.

“Love Runs Out” takes the familiar blues-y church stomp from Adele’s “Rumor Has It”, marries it to lead singer/songwriter Ryan Tedder’s ride or die lyrics and precedes to serve as the soundtrack for the stellar eye candy shenanigans that is the video.  The moment where nana and the train of her dress blowing in the wind takes up d*mn near the whole screen?... ugh, visual poetry.  So yes, the naked pop star straddling construction equipment videos are good for quick fix amusement moments but sometimes I need something more than “look at me” shock antics, something more viscerally satisfying—- Sometimes I need to experience a video like OneRepublic’s “Love Runs Out”.  Grade: A+



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