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ONEUS - “Twilight” (Video)

ONEUS - “Twilight” (Video)

on May 30 in K-Pop/K-R&B/K-Hip HopONEUSPassport TunesVideos

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While it’s great that everyone else is finally riding the K-Pop wave with BTS dominating the entire world, they aren’t the only game in town and I hope some of their k-peers get a lil’ shine too. Rookie group ONEUS may not have the Bangtan Boys’ name recognition yet, but they certainly can match their video production budgets!

The fellas of “One” entered the K-Pop idol race earlier this year and the new video for “Twilight” indicates that their agency is sparing no expense; get on the train or get out of the way! I wasn’t really a fan of the song initially but that video… that video!  Shot on a sprawling estate with a Disney castle come to life as the centerpiece, the “Twilight” video renders the song almost irrelevant as the lighting, drone shots, and epic location are reason enough to press play.

However, the sweeping camera shots and grandiose concept does come with a cost as the quick cuts don’t really allow a chance for any of the choreography to shine. Well, before I could hit “publish” on this post came the notification that a dance only version had just been posted to the group’s YouTube channel! The “Suit Dance” is thankfully a no castle, all choreo clip that was naturally shot well… at twilight.  Check ‘em both out below and let me know what you think.




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