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Ozuna - “Nibiru Video Collection”

Ozuna - “Nibiru Video Collection”

on Dec 07 in

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The end of the year used to be a quiet period for new music releases, but recent releases from Ozuna and K-R&B kang Crush have made getting in my required spins of “All I Want For Christmas Is You” increasingly harder.

Reggaeton superstar ends 2019 with the release of Nibiru, an album he’s been teasing since this time last year!  Coupled with the album’s release is a quartet of big budget (of course) videos that expand on the sci-fi/futuristic concept of the project. While the other three tracks featured in the playlist are fine and fall perfectly in line with O’s brand of radio-friendly musica urbana ear candy, it’s “Eres Top” that is the standout track that put me on to the rest Nibiru and all of the planetary shenangans that have come with it so far.

“Eres Top” makes good use of the instantly recognizable guitar lick from the 2002 hit “I Need A Girl, Pt. 2” and updates it for a 2019 generation who might not be familiar with the original. Not content to simply clear the sample, Diddy contributes a verse and appears in the video rocking his best Game of Thrones cosplay. The result is a peak hour club banger with an over the top visual—- a lot of unnecessary VFX, but comforting to know labels are still spending money on videos—- meant to cement Ozuna’s current “top dawg” status in a crowded field of J Balvins and Bad Bunnys.

As a bonus, I’m including his recent performance on Jimmy Kimmel of the album’s title track which trades on some of the original’s trap production for a something a bit more Linkin Park-ish that works surprisingly well.



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