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Pleasurekraft Presents Kraftek Villains Vol 1 & 2 EP - (Various Artists)

Pleasurekraft Presents Kraftek Villains Vol 1 & 2 EP - (Various Artists)

on Mar 10 in DancePleasurekraft

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Gotta love when one search leads to an ever better find somewhere else.  A further investigation into new fave HAIM and their single “If I Could Change Your Mind” lead me to the MK club mixes of the track.  Well, landing over at MK’s Soundcloud page then lead to the discovery of some choice house bangers featured on the 2013 release Pleasurekraft Presents Kraftek Villains Vol 1.

From what I gathered, Pleasurekraft is a D.C./Stockholm-based DJ/producer collective and the Pleasurekraft EP series is a compilation of handpicked tracks by new producers on the come up.  Despite the album’s “tech house” labeling, each track is seemingly straight from a 90s DJ’s peak hour house set with each track’s emphasis leaning more towards atmospheric keyboard riffs, chunky bass lines and deep beats rather than Top 40 diva vocals or EDM drops.  Do yourself a favor and embark on this aural journey with a good pair of headphones and try to resist the inevitable urge to throw your hands in the air.

EP Description From Pleasurekraft’s SoundCloud Page:
Pleasurekraft is very proud to present the first in their “Villains” series - which will feature tracks from some of their favorite up & coming producers, alongside some of their favorite already established DJ/producers. This first installment features 4 tracks of varying styles, from the deep through to some housey techno.

The first cut - “Got a Feeling” - by UK based Josh Butler saw a release on MTA records remixed by fellow countryman (and Kraftek regular) Bontan - however this version has a new bassline and a new arrangement by the Pleasurekraft boys themselves.

The second track from Spanish duo Raw Rootz - (one member being Cadenza’s own Scan Mode) is a driving groovy techno number - the most peak time track featured on the release.

From there we move to a brand new Canadain trio - Return of the Jaded with their tune “Lolita” which draws influences from an array of electronic genres and turns them into more than the sum of their parts.

Lastly - another group of Canadain producers - this time from Toronto - Subplot, and Cosella - whose brilliant tune “The Wire” is a lovely deep tech house number with a dark underbelly - inspired by the legendary HBO series “The Wire”.


UPDATE:  Annnnnnd I hadn’t even hit “publish” on this post yet before learning that Pleasurekraft Presents Kraftek Villains Vol 2 just dropped a couple of weeks ago!  While not as immediate as the first collection, the tracks featured here are worth sampling after you’ve grown tired of Volume 1.



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