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“Pop Danthology 2012” (Pop Mash-Up Megamix)

“Pop Danthology 2012” (Pop Mash-Up Megamix)

on Dec 04 in Daniel KimDJ EarwormPop

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It’s rainin’ pop megamixes!  Mere days after I blogged about DJ Robin Skouteris entry in the Pop-Off of 2012 comes Danthology’s supersized medley of the year’s Top 40 staples.  DJ Earworm, you’ve got your work cut out for you cuz folks are gunnin’ for your crown!

Unlike Slouteris’ mix, Danthology wins points for keeping his selections to songs that were hits in 2012.  It’s an exhaustive collection of tunes and the mixing is pretty impressive just for the sheer breadth of material.  However, I still gotta say I’m Team Earworm as not only expertly mixes all of these songs into a seamless medley, but the snippets he chooses always play off of each other as though it’s all one song.  Danthology kinda employs this technique briefly when when he mixes the Chris Brown “...where have you been all my life” lyric from “International Love” with Rihanna’s similar hook from her own “Where Have You Been”.

Again, though, Dan’s mix is impressive as it seems to touch on every pop moment of the past year but methinks that DJ Earworm is taking note of the competition and is gonna let the kids know how to properly stitch together a jingle jam!

Check out D’s previous year end mixes below as well, though I feel like his production/arranging skills weren’t as strong on his “earlier works”.




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