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Pop Danthology 2013 & DJ Earworm/United State of Pop 2013 Mash-ups

Pop Danthology 2013 & DJ Earworm/United State of Pop 2013 Mash-ups

on Dec 03 in Daniel KimDJ EarwormPopVideos

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Ahhhh yes, ‘tis the season not only for WalMart brawls over off-brand TVs and incessant radio spins of “All I Want For Christmas Is You”, but it’s also time for the Annual DJ Mash-Up Mash-off! 

DJ Earworm was the reigning champ for a hot minute having created a couple of impressive mixes that used Billboard Magazine’s year end Top 25 as the blueprint for his creations.  However, Daniel Kim came outta nowhere last year (OK… not necessarily nowhere, cuz he’s been doing these megamixes for a few years as well) and snatched the Mash-up Maestro title with his Pop Danthology 2012—- a mix so inspiring that I created choreography and taught it in several classes.

I was looking forward to what the guys would cook up for 2013 and surprisingly…  I’m not really feeling either mix.  DJ Earworm, like his 2012 entry, opts to ignore the obvious samples and the production focuses more on using lyrical snippets of the year’s pop hits to create a “song” and video that is thematically consistent.  Kim, on the other hand, takes more of a “everything but the kitchen sink” approach and creates a dizzying medley of 68(!) pop radio staples.  I think my indifference to both mixes this year has less to do with the efforts of these guys, as I remain impressed by their production chops, and more to with with my not particularly liking a lot of the music featured.

Kim and Earworm’s past pop re-caps were stronger because the source material was better—- the EDM tracks, Miley tunes, “Blurred Lines”/Daft Punk summer takeover coupled with the Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift jingles made for a pair of underwhelming mash-ups and a telling testament to the equally lackluster year that was 2013’s pop music scene.



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