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Prince - “Breakfast Can Wait” (Video)

Prince - “Breakfast Can Wait” (Video)

on Oct 11 in PrinceR&BVideos

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“...Ladies and gentlemen, we are gathered here today to get through this thing called”... Prince’s new video.  “Let’s Go Crazy” referencing aside, the latest clip from the ageless purple one is actually his best in years, and he’s not even in it!

“Breakfast Can Wait” opens in a kitchen, natch, with a pretty couple forgoing their morning meal in favor of something more uh, delicious.  We are then transported to a warehouse bathed in CSI: Miami lighting as the two leads, now outfitted in Matrix/bondage gear engage in a guy/girl dance-off with their respective posses.  Perhaps the dancing is a metaphor for the duo’s mid-morning delight as we come full circle and return to the couple in a messier kitchen for the clip’s final moments.  It’s a pretty straightforward video but what I liked about it is that 1) It’s great choreo—- kudos Nancy Kirkland and Antoine Troupe—- and 2) the video is a rarity in that it pretty much focuses solely on highlighting said choreo… instead of the artist!  Ummm, this is the official video, right?

I do hope, though, that it isn’t a sign of the times (pun, originally, not intended) and that Prince isn’t a no-show because the industry dictates that he’s “too old”?  While it was cool to see the lead female dancer in admirable afro Prince drag, an appearance from his royal badness amidst all of the two-stepping 20-somethings would’ve been icing on the (pan)cake.

I wasn’t really feeling this track when I initially heard it a few weeks ago so it’s kind of funny that the LOLz Chappelle’s Show-referencing single artwork and the video are better than the song that served as inspiration for it all.  Grade: B+

Oh, and how cool is it that the choreographer, assistant choreographer AND dancers all get credited at the end of the video?




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