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Prince Royce featuring Snoop Dogg - “Stuck On A Feeling” (Lyric Video)

Prince Royce featuring Snoop Dogg - “Stuck On A Feeling” (Lyric Video)

on Nov 24 in Latin Pop/UrbanoPrince RoyceR&BVideos

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Hmmmmm… I’m conflicted over this one.  I’m glad that Latin Crossover 2.0 kicks off with an English album offering from bachata superstar Prince Royce.  J. Lo, Marc, Shakira, Enrique and Ricky successfully made the mainstream leap over ten years ago(!) so the time is right for a sequel.  Having P. Ro lead the new charge makes sense as teen girls need someone to scream for considering Bieber is a mess, Chris Brown is probably too much of a bad boy for the young ‘uns and Usher & Timberlake might be (sigh) too old for their tastes.

Enter Prince Royce, a Latin music superstar who has racked up three platinum albums and a string of #1s in only a few years.  The dude has the pipes, the heartthrob factor and the rabid fanbase already on lock so all he needs to make this crossover happen is smart marketing/management and solid material.  His first (official) attempt to tap into the markets that don’t habla espanol is a safe, radio-friendly R&B joint called “Stuck On A Feeling”.  Again, I really want this dude to win but… mmmmmm, this “Stuck” business sounds just a little too, too much like 112’s early 00’s jam “Dance With Me”, no?

I’ve posted both the Royce and 112 tracks below so that you can be the judge; is there more than just a fleeting similarity between the two songs?  I’ll bump this Royce cut a few more times to see if I can get past the track jack but one question will continue to linger: Royce… dude, I know that adding a rapper on your song is the obvious tactic for anyone eager for a crossover R&B hit—- but Snoop Lion Dogg?... in 2014???



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