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Puff Daddy & The Family - “Finna Get Loose” (Video)

Puff Daddy & The Family - “Finna Get Loose” (Video)

on Sep 02 in Diddy/P. Diddy/Puff Daddy/Puffy/Sean Jean CombsHip HopPharrellVideos

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If Diddy is “Puff Daddy & The Family” again then it’s official… the early 2000s are back!  Dust off your Von Dutch gear and reminisce about when Free & AJ counted your favorite videos down cuz Puff and Pharrell, errr “Skateboard P”, are takin’ us back.

“Finna Get Loose” debuted during Puff & Co.‘s much talked about Bad Boy Reunion performance at the recent BET Awards.  The track finally gets a visual but here’s the thing… I like the song and I like the video—- but I feel like neither is right for the other.

While I’m into the “drunk uncle turnin’ up at the family barbecue” vibe of the track, that beat doesn’t knock hard enough to support the visual concept.  The shaky camera work, silhouette shots, peeling ceiling and black and white dark basement concert all suggest that a grimey rock video situation is about to go down so it’s odd when the relatively light spacey robo-funk of “Finna Get Loose” announces itself at the soundtrack.  I dunno… I kinda fee like this needed a “99 Problems” type of track to sell the “grit” of the concept and perhaps they should’ve settled on the colorful paint splatter shots as the actual video.  Oh, and those breakbeats that were shoehorned into the mix was a bit jarring as well.

Song and concept mismatch aside, I’m all about “Finna Get Loose” but if we’re really going for a back in the day vibe here, then how long do I have to wait for the blessed-with-a-verse-from-Lil’-Kim remix?



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