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Pussycat Dolls - “Bottle Pop” (Video)

Pussycat Dolls - “Bottle Pop” (Video)

on Feb 03 in PopPussycat DollsVideos

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Perhaps if the song were called booty, c**chie, or t*tty pop, then I might give it a pass but as it stands… no.  “Bottle Pop” is a horrible song with a horrible video to match.  Every PCD cliche that you can think of (pole dancer ‘ography, House of Hoochie costumes, “sexy” hair tosses, that one girl’s leg extension, the suspicious lack of focus on everyone ‘cept for Nicole) is crammed into this three minute yawnfest.  My brain took a nap halfway through this mess only to be awakened by the b-boys who show up halfway through to participate in the Pussy’s a$$ shaking antics (a WTF? moment, indeed.)  “Bottle Pop” is pretty much a thoughtless collage of every Pussycat Dolls video that came before it… but with soda cans.  Sure, O.K.  Grade: F


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