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Q’s Views At A Glance: Yandel & Pitbull, Lion Babe, G Soul, Chocolate Puma, Sevyn Streeter & More!

Q’s Views At A Glance: Yandel & Pitbull, Lion Babe, G Soul, Chocolate Puma, Sevyn Streeter & More!

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Yandel featuring Pitbull - “Asesina”
This the newer of the two Yandel/Pitbull collabos featured in this At A Glance and is featured on Yan’s recent Dangerous album.  “Asesina”, like the other track featured below, curiously declines the dem bow riddim so instantly associated with reggaeton in favor of something a bit more international dance pop-y… the kind of thing that plays at yacht parties of millionaires so that supermodel guests are inclined to throw their champagne flutes in the air, and wave ‘em like they just don’t care.

Lion Babe - “Impossible”
While I was a fan of The Babe’s “Fire” from a while back, I wasn’t aware that they had actually released a full-length album!  Much has been made of lead singer Jillian Hervey’s vocals and how much they share same DNA as Erykah Badu’s chops.  However while that debate rages on, no one has noticed how the real star of the Babe’s “Impossible” video (and current Victoria’s Secret ad soundtrack) is an unlimited supply of gold glitter and the glorious mane that is partnered with Miz Hervey.

J Balvin - “Ginza”
J Balvin kinda reminds me a bit of Colombian Maluma.  The video for his summer smash “Ginza” doesn’t necessarily work because of him, but rather the hot lead girl, the dancing, and the mood setting blue ‘n’ purple lights.

G. Soul - “You” (Video)
Considering the guy has been waiting in the wings for over ten years(!) to get a label release, I was hoping “You” would be his “Eyes, Nose, Lips” but alas, it was not to be.  I know things move quickly in K-Pop but it’s still surprising that G. is already moving past promoting his long-awaited debut album mere months after its release and focusing his attention of new material.  I, in the meantime, am still all about “You”.

Ricky Martin featuring Zion & Lennox - “La Mordidita” (Urban Remix)
I was quite surprised that were a handful of tracks on Ricky’s latest album, A Quien Quiera Escuchar, that I was feeling.  While the original version of “La Mordidita” didn’t do much for me, I kinda like the manic Zumba party feel of the remix.

Chocolate Puma featuring Arama - “Lost Your Groove”
You can’t really go wrong with a Chocolate Puma track and the Dutch duo doesn’t disappoint with yet another in their endless string of deep house releases.  Go ahead and push play when you’re ready to find your life.

Sevyn Streeter - “Consistent”
I’ve quietly diggin’ on most her stuff for a while now.  “Consistent” can be found her recent Shoulda Been There Pt. 1 EP and follows the same woozy, late night sonic template that Jhene Aiko favors.

TimeZ - “Awake” (Chinese Version)
I couldn’t find a video of the Korean mix of this song so we’ll have to rock with the Chinese Version.  The fellas of TimeZ find themselves in a stylish hotel this time around a la American Horror Story: Hotel... but you know without all of the messy vampire orgies and demon rape scenes from the TV show.

Pitbull featuring Yandel - “No Puedo Mas”
Well I certainly wasn’t expecting this!  Mr. 305 and La Leyenda team up for this track off of Pitbull’s recent Dale album and sidestep the reggaeton party jam that was inevitable in favor of…. a new wave, 80’s pop record that samples The Human League’s “Don’t You Want Me”?!?!?  It’s a lil’ loco, but it works.

Martin Solveig featuring Sam White - “+ 1” (Video)
I admittedly kinda scoffed when I heard that the hook for this was “Can I be your +1?”, but ya know what?  It’s kinda a little lotta bit catchy!  Sometimes the lyrics don’t need to be any deeper than the desire to get in the club for free.

Jidenna featuring Kendrick Lamar - “Classic Man” (Remix)
I actually prefer the original over the remix but I that at least appear on it cuz full disclosure: I was late coming the the “Classic Man” party.  I’m feeling this track cuz it gives me everything I liked about “Fancy” without the any of the Iggy and I love the video for the (not occurring as often as it should) choice to highlight the beauty of black women who fall outside of the light skin/long hair parameters.

Carly Rae Jepsen - “Run Away With Me” (Video)
Perhaps I listed this last cuz subconciously I think of it as a guitly pleaesure?  Perhaps if music blogs hadn’t tried sooooo hard a few months ago to make Carly Rae happen again then folks would’ve rediscovered her on their own.  This is actually a solid pop song and perhaps if the single artwork said “Swift” instead of “Jepsen” then it would’ve gotten it’s just rewards as the song everyone should have been sick of hearing this summer.



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