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QsNewz Salutes The End of Days!

QsNewz Salutes The End of Days!

on May 20 in 80'sDanceR.I.P.Regular Ol' News

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All of you F-list wannabe celebs fighting just to remain somewhat irrelevant—- yes, irr...—- might wanna do a little digging and find out who is the publicist for this Rapture character cuz the press coverage for him/her/it has been nothing short of spectacular!  Everyone’s got end of the world jokes and if it is indeed goin’ down, well then shoot, the least I could do is one more Q’s Views blog post, no?

After a brief survey of others’ rapture tributes, which includes YouTube shoutouts of Blondie’s hit of the same name (and the Alicia Keys re-make) as well as the obvious R.E.M. posts, finding a unique QsNewz musical salute initially proved to be a bit of a challenge.  However, after flipping through my mental rolodex of armageddon-themed toe tappers, I unearthed a late 80’s house classic that seemed to be the perfect homage that I was looking for. 

So without further adieu, please enjoy the QsNewz salute to the end of days, re-imagined as a dark ‘n’ sweaty warehouse party.  Happy Rapture… and I’ll see you on Sunday! smile



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