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Chaka Khan - “Like Sugar” (Video)

Chaka Khan - “Like Sugar” (Video)

on Jul 12 in 80'sChaka KhanR&B

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Getting caught up in the rabbit hole that is “suggested YouTube videos” the other day resulted in my discovery that R&B legend Chaka Khan just released new music sooooo… 2 hours well spent, I guess?

Mama Khan’s new single “Like Sugar” is throws a funkly baseline over what sounds like a throwback midtempo funk breakbeat in an apparent shoutout to b-boys who might need a new soundtrack for their sessions.  The video’s concept is pretty straightforward casting decidedly non-commercial dancers in the video and chopping and looping their freestyles—- it’s pretty much an update of “I Feel For You” with a lot less Chaka.

Check out “Like Sugar” below and keep the party goin’ by also getting into the Turbo and Ozone-fronted clip for the classic BBQ party starter “I Feel For You” as well!