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Rasel featuring Jadel - “Viven” (Video)

Rasel featuring Jadel - “Viven” (Video)

on Jan 08 in JadelLatin Pop/UrbanoPassport TunesPopRaselVideos

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I guess January is as good a time as any for some fluffy uh… summer-y pop?  Yes, “Viven” is totally that song conjures up images of lemonade sippin’ and beach bound joy rides in convertibles except it’s freezing right now and ain’t nobody thinkin’ about a beach… at least not in NYC.

Rasel is a singer/rapper/producer who has teamed up with the winner of Spanish talent show El Número 1 for his third bid at becoming the Justin Timberlake of Spain.  It’s especially odd that the video director has the fellas going “back to the 80s” for the video’s club setting despite the track’s decidedly 90s Ace of Base-esque production.  Even more puzzling is that the stylist apparently thought that putting Rasel in a Kurt Cobain flannel shirt somehow magically made him uh… “80s”?  Throw in a dubstep breakdown straight outta 2011 and some 2012 Ke$h-uminati graphics and you’ve got quite the confused period piece video concept.

Era mash-ups aside, “Viven” is a harmless piece of feel good pop that, during these bitter days of January, conjures up much needed images of sunny park picnics and poolside parties during these bitter days of January… well, as long as you don’t look at disjointed video.  Grade: C




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