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Ricky Martin featuring Wisin & Yandel - “Frio” (Video)

Ricky Martin featuring Wisin & Yandel - “Frio” (Video)

on Jul 26 in Latin Pop/UrbanoPopRicky MartinVideosWisin & Yandel

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Up until now, the only “video” of this track was the live performance that I posted a while back.  However, the record company has wisely decided to release Ricky Martin’s best single in years and “Frio”, from his latest album Alma + Sexo, finally gets the video treatment.

Yes, the Puerto Rican Prince of Pop teams up with Reggaeton titans Wisin & Yandel for a boys night out in an abandoned marble mansion.  While the creative team thankfully avoided going the obvious route by placing the Rickster in an igloo or surrounding Wis ‘n’ Yan with dancing ice cubes—- the song is based on a frigid-man-warmed-by-hot-lovin’ metaphor—- the video still manages to be somewhat of a letdown.  So, Mr. Martin suits up in his best Matrix coat and spends most of the video wandering around while his dancers, dressed to the nines in borrowed So You Think You Can Dance contemporary costumes, bust a few moves in the vestibule of said manse.

A similarly black clad Wisin & Yandel play Kelly & Michelle to Rick’s Beyonce, trailing behind him until their respective solo verses when they each finally take center stage.  The three amigos retire to a blue room for some smoke ‘n’ confetti-punctuated emoting before eventually retiring to the roof after never having crossed paths with rented model playing the love interest.  NOTE:  Pay special attention R. Mar’s hilariously inept hood swag during Wisin’s rap.

So yeah, it’s all pretty to look at as the styling, lighting and setting successfully bring the song’s sexy, brooding subtle intensity to life; however, despite the hot eye candy visuals, I was still left feeling well… frio.  Grade: C+



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