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RIP: Jonghyun

RIP: Jonghyun

on Jan 04 in K-Pop/K-R&B/K-Hip Hop

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Now that we’re in to the new year, I can tackle some of the intended posts on my “To Do” list.  My first post celebrates the music of Jonghyun, a member of popular K-Pop group SHINee who passed away in late December.

Jonghyun’s death, an apparent suicide, shocked the K-pop community in a rocky year that also saw the break-up of popular girl group 2NE1 and idol rapper T.O.P dealing with a reported suicide attempt AND a drug scandal.  I’ve been into SHINEE’s music for a few years as well as the solo work of group member Taemin, so I was surprised to find a number of Jonghyun songs in my iTunes library as well.  My knowledge of idol group’s individual member names, outside of Big Bang, is extremely limied—- there are just too many too try and keep track.

His death is undeniably tragic, yes, and it shines a light on the not so glossy and less than perfect side of the K-pop world, but his passing also is an opportunity to get to know the body of work he left behind.  A gifted singer/dancer/songwriter, (re)introduce yourself to Jonghyun by getting your listening party on and sampling some of some of my favorite tracks from his albums below as well as a handful of his SHINee material. 

RIP Jonghyun. Thank you for sharing your talents with us and perhaps you are now finally at peace.
** UPDATE: His final(?) solo album was released a month after his death. Check out the video for the lead single and however long the link lasts for his album stream below. **

Jonghyn - “Shinin’” (Video)

Jonghyun - “Poet | Artist” (Album)

Jonghyun Solo

Jonghyun with SHINee






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