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RIP - Whitney Houston

RIP - Whitney Houston

on Feb 12 in R.I.P.Whitney Houston

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Wow… everyone is putting in their two cents about the passing of Whitney Houston so I’ll keep it brief.

I remember during Whitney’s heyday that within my circle of friends you were either Team Janet or Team Whitney.  They weren’t the vicious online message board throwdowns that are so common today with fans of certain divas, but lines were still drawn nevertheless.  Naturally, I was Team Janet so I didn’t really start to appreciate Whitney and That Voice until the late 90’s when her personal life unfortunately started to upstage her talent.

What is especially ironic is just two days ago, I spent a couple of hours creating an iTunes playlist featuring pretty much every single from “You Give Good Love” all the way to “Million Dollar Bill”.  What before was a random assembling of Houston hits has now, in retrospect, has become a fitting tribute for true legend.  I’m sure the mud-slinging and scandal mongering will begin shortly but in the meantime I’m gonna bask in these video marathons on TV(I still can’t get.over.that.voice!) and appreciate the legacy of her music which will outlast anyone who insists on focusing on anything but this woman’s incredible gift.

Rest In Peace, Ms. Whitney Houston

Photo: dlisted.com



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