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Robyn - “Body Talk Pt 2” (Album Preview)

Robyn - “Body Talk Pt 2” (Album Preview)

on Aug 06 in DancePopRobyn

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There has been plenty that I’ve wanted to talk about this week (VMA noms, new Usher, the Burlesque trailer, Eminem/Rihanna and Kanye video premieres, etc.) but I’ve just been too crazed and I haven’t had the time that requires at least a thoughtful blurb about any of the aforementioned topics.

However, I can take a second and put you guys on to the new Robyn album, Body Talk Pt 2.  Following hot on the heels of Pt 1‘s release back in June, Pt 2 is expected to drop in September and La Rob was kind enough to offer an early preview of the album.  I’m only on track #2 as I type this, but I like what I hear already.  With the exception of “Dancing On My Own” and “None of Dem”, Pt 1 didn’t really rock my socks so I’m hoping the follow-up will be an upgrade.

I promise I’ll try and get around to at least some of the other stuff that I mentioned above (if it isn’t ancient news by the time I get a spare minute to blog) but in the meantime, hang wit’ Lady RoRo for a bit and start the weekend off on an electro pop note!—- And get into the new video for current single, “Hang With Me”.

NOTE:  She curses a bit on a few tracks, so ya might not wanna blast this on the job if you work at a bank or anyplace where melodic f bombs are frowned upon.



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