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Roisin Invites You To “Momma’s Place”

Roisin Invites You To “Momma’s Place”

on Jan 05 in Passport TunesPopRoisin MurphyVideos

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Ahhh, sweet Roisin… before there was Lady Gaga, there was—- and still is—- Roisin (pronounced “Roe-Zsheen”) Murphy.

Certain message boards have been savage battle grounds with fans of these two talented ladies going back and forth as to who is truly the queen of the scene.  Yes, they are both blonde chicks who favor cutting edge couture get-ups onstage and off and both do Euro-friendly dancey pop music.  However, and I’m sure the GaGods and MurFiends will kill me for saying this, I think there is room in the pop landscape for them both.  And yeah, Ro has been doing this for a minute, so I completely understand where her die-hards are coming from when they look La Gahg and scream “swaggerjacker!”  But the flip side of that argument for me is that LG kinda took that swag, refined it, dressed it up in radio-friendly glossy pop hooks, and made it something mainstream audiences could embrace on an international level—- hey, can’t be mad at that.

Silly “Who Did It First?” arguments aside, RoRo offers another glimpse of what her upcoming album will sound like by dropping a second jewel entitled “Momma’s Place”.  La Murph has really been spittin’ some good game recently gettin’ music bloggers all giggly ‘n’ sh*t over whispered sweet nothings like the initial snippet leak of “Momma” back in September, the premiere of “Orally Fixated” in October, and now the glorious full-length drop of “Momma’s Place” (scheduled for a January 18th release.)

As a fan of dance music, I couldn’t be happier that “Momma’s Place” is a late 80s/early 90s dance music orgy whose participants include Classic House, Freestyle, and Eurodance (but “cool” Eurodance… not that HI-NRG sh*t.)  Ro Murph takes those influences and mashes them up with a killer vocal, smart lyrics and emerges with the first dancefloor heater of 2010.  Unfortunately this single, just as every one of hers before it, will be ignored here in the US as dance music doesn’t get the same love from radio as chirping Disney stars and “sex inventing” R&B cats.

Rosey always comes through with the visuals so I can’t wait to see the video for “Momma”.  In the meantime, check out the audio clip below of the new single and I’ve also included some of her older videos for the uninitiated who wanted to pick a side in the e-war that is “Ro vs Ga”.

You can also check out her website if you want, in preparation for the new album drop, to cram for the final.





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