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Róisín Murphy - “Simulation” (New Track)

Róisín Murphy - “Simulation” (New Track)

on Dec 16 in 70'sDanceDonna SummerRoisin Murphy

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All done with the business of dropping babies—- congrats on the new bundle of joy!—- Miz Murphy is back to the business of dropping hits.

In the World According To Q, Róisín is one of a handful of females criminally slept on in the U.S. (Teedra Moses and Robyn are also on that list) so I thank the music gods for the internet and artists who continue to keep on keepin’ on, mainstream American success be d*mned!

Ro’s latest is a sleazy disco house number, very “Love To Love You Baby 2011”, best enjoyed in a smokey warehouse type of spot at 4am with a dancefloor buzz fueled either by a lil’ drinkey drink or an insatiable love for seductive club grooves… or both!  At 9 minutes (although this clip abruptly cuts off at the almost 7 minute mark), “Simulattion” is a bit repetitive and it goes on a wee bit too long but again, if you’re in that 4am situation that I just mentioned then your concept of time probably isn’t at 100% anyways.

No word yet on if this track will be featured on what I’m hoping/assuming will be a new album from R. Murph in 2012, so in the meantime we’ll simply have to make do with bumping her latest (lights down volume up, of course) and appreciate the scraps that she has mercifully bestowed upon us.


OK… and so with the Donna Summer reference above came my YouTube discovery of this video of La Donna performing the song “live” back in the 70’s.  Having watched about twenty second of the choreo, I knew it would be selfish of me to not post it.  Yes, that dancing is um… well, its definitely something else!




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