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Róisín Murphy - “Simulation” (Video)

Róisín Murphy - “Simulation” (Video)

on Feb 21 in DanceRoisin MurphyVideos

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I loves me some Róisín Murphy… always have.  From her days as the frontwoman for Moloko to the quirky stomp of her solo material in the early to mid 2000s, Róisín (pronounced ro-sheen), like Kelis, seems to be the uh, source of inspiration, for some of the mainstream girls who sell more units and land more magazine covers.

Criminal underappreciation aside, the video release of “Simulation” signals what I hope will be Ro’s return after a lengthy absence punctuated by sporadic leaks of demos and collab projects over the last couple of years.  I initially gave this track some love way back in late 2011 when it dropped and sometime last summer, it apparently was officially released complete with a handful of remixes.

Sure, the visuals for “Simulation” suggests that the whole thing was done as a final project by a third year student at the University of Any Artsy European Film School.  And yes, that may or may not be Miz Murphy making a cameo in her own video while having her face devoured by a flesh eating kaleidoscope graphic at the end.  However, the WTF-ness of the clip doesn’t lessen my love for the song, whose Donna Summer-esque disco sleaze still feels like the perfect peak hour banger to bump at clubs where floor rockin’ is preferred over bottle poppin’.

Check out the clip below and then sex up your iPod by purchasing the track here.

If you’re in the mood for mo Ro, then check out her Moloko-era tunnel two-stepping with tha kids in the video for “Forever More”.



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