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Rosalía - “Malamente”, “Pienso En Tu Mira”, “Di Mi Nombre” (Video)

Rosalía - “Malamente”, “Pienso En Tu Mira”, “Di Mi Nombre” (Video)

on Nov 27 in Latin Pop/UrbanoPassport TunesRosalíaVideos

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My introduction to Rosalía came courtesy of her performance at the recent EMAs and a enthusiastic introductory co-sign from Dua Lipa. “If Dua thinks she’s dope, then I gotta at least check her out” I thought before my indoctrination commenced with a live performance of her recent single “Malamente”.

The EMA performance intrigued me not so much because of the artist—- which isn’t to take anything away from her—- but rather because the audience was so hyped and sang along with every word. Clearly this was a pop moment somewhere in the world and I was missing out! The introduction lead me to a quick crash course in all (recent) things Rosalía which landed me at the doorstop of the videos from her most recent album El Mal Querer.

Not content to simply chirp fluffy love songs or hollow girl power anthems, Rosalía is the type of pop star who will be copied by her contemporaries when they want to seem “edgy”.  Her new album tackles a woman’s toxic relationship over the course of its 11 tracks and is a further exploration of flamenco inspired “dark” pop reportedly based the anonymous 14th century Occitan novel Flamenca.

What really sold me though on Rosalía are her videos which an interesting mix of choreography, banji girl aesthetics, religious symbolism and art references that easily stand up to repeated viewings.  Check out the clips for all of the singles released so far from El Mal Querer and shouts to Dua for putting me on!



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