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Scissor Sisters - “Let’s Have A Kiki” (OLUGBENGA Edit)

Scissor Sisters - “Let’s Have A Kiki” (OLUGBENGA Edit)

on Jul 20 in PopScissor Sisters

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“Let’s have a kiki…”—- bow chicka bow bow.  No, this quiet storm “kiki” is not the hands in the air twirler that you were probably expecting.  I love when a remix avoids the obvious, in this case making a club mix of an already clubby song, and completely reinvents the track more along the lines of “Whoa… didn’t see that coming!”

The Scissor Sisters’ mis-use of the slang term “kiki” and its subsequent overkill usage from their fans aside, this new official remix is a welcome reinterpretation of a song that seems to be headed for “Call Me Maybe”-esque saturation.  UK-based remixer Olugbenga (his website states that the “g is silent”, but I’m not sure which if not both) does away with the 90’s b*tch track production and re-imagines “Let’s Have A Kiki” as a sexi-fied R&B bedroom slow jam(!) that sounds like a Janet Jackson demo produced by The Weeknd.

While I applaud OLUBENGA’s left field mix of what was originally a campy gay dance track, I’m not sure how many people are gonna add this version to their “Midnight Lovin’” playlist on iTunes.  Gettin’ busy while someone is carrying on about having “a kiki” in the background kinda kills the mood… or does it?



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