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SHIMMixes - “K-Pop Best of 2015 Mega Mash-Up”

SHIMMixes - “K-Pop Best of 2015 Mega Mash-Up”

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I only discovered SHIMMixes in 2014, but he has quickly become one of my favorite year end mash-up producers, the K-Pop world’s answer to DJ Earworm and Daniel “Pop Danthology” Kim.

It always helps when I actually like the songs used for these types of massive megamixes and from 2015 hits by BoA, Big Bang, Girls’ Generation, and SHINee to Red Velvet, BTS, Zion T. and oh so many more, SHIMMixes’ 2015 offering is easily my favorite.  Like Daniel Kim, SHIMMixes eschews DJ Earworm’s “highbrow” approach and simply tries to make a cohesive jam packed collage from the instantly recognizable parts of the year’s biggest hits.

Even if you aren’t a fan of K-Pop, this accompanying mash-up video is a high energy, dizzying, candy coated assault of dance sequence snippets, special effects and iconic moments that will surely keep you at least mildly entertained for the nearly ten minutes that it insists on having your attention.

While the latest is definitely SHIMMixes greatest, you can check out his other year end mash-ups from years past by clicking here.



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