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“Sparkle” - (Official Trailer)

“Sparkle” - (Official Trailer)

on Apr 04 in Cee-Lo GreenFlicksWhitney Houston

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Awww… this trailer makes me both sad and it warms my heart at the same time.  On the one hand, it’s still crazy knowing that Whitney isn’t with us anymore; however, these preview Whit clips from the upcoming Sparkle remake suggest that Nippy’s swan song will be a sweet one.

If I am to believe these brief, seconds long movie snippets, then Whitney starring as Jordan Sparks’ momma will find her flexing both her comedic and vocal chops in a role that may very live up to the comeback hype although the bummer is that we already know how this story ends.  Regardless, a potentially strong performance from La Houston coupled with what will hopefully either be a star-making J. Hud-esque turn from J. Sparks—- or at least a respectable one—- will make the otherwise unnecessary re-telling of the Sparkle story significantly more tolerable.  Plus, Ceel-Lo’s in it!

Look for Sparkle to hit you local movieplex this summer.



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