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Sugababes - “No Can Do” (Video)

Sugababes - “No Can Do” (Video)

on Jan 15 in Passport TunesPopSugababesVideos

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Ahhh yes, the Sugababes.  Before I even took one peep at this clip I couldn’t help but laugh at the late, great, ‘Babes video debate of ‘08 when I was deeply involved in a heated internet roundtable discussion about the Suga’s clips for “Change” and “Denial”. 

Anyways, the girls are back with a new album, Catfights & Spotlights, that apparently isn’t doing too well over in the U.K.  I gave it a listen and those of you on the CD mailing list can tell how I feel about it cuz none of the tracks have wound up on any compilations.  This is the second single from that album and though it didn’t do well on the charts, the video is kinda cool.

The aerial shots totally remind me of La Minogue’s clip for “Slow”, but once you get pass the Kylie copying, its a rather decent effort.  The girls of Suga spend this three minutes and fifteen seconds using hired hunks in speedos as inanimate objects while they prance around in tacky 80s cocktail party dresses.

Like I said, the idea is kinda cool, but I think that if the styling were better and the song wasn’t a mediocre retro soul pop record (I needed a “yeah, baby!” pop banger), then this video woulda been a homerun.  Ahhhh well, they tried.  Grade: B-

Oh, and I’ve included K. Min’s clip for “Slow” as well.  I never really got into the song, but the video concept was dope.

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