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Sugababes - “About A Girl” (Video)

Sugababes - “About A Girl” (Video)

on Oct 15 in Passport TunesPopSugababesVideos

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Haven’t heard about the drama surrounding these young lasses?  Well lemme bring you up to speed…

High school buddies Keisha (the black one), Siobhan (the white one), and Mutya (the racially ambiguous one) stepped up on the scene in the late ‘90s. The white one was replaced in 2001 and the new line-up of Keisha, Mutya, and Heidi scored a number of hits in the U.K. throughout the early part of the decade.  The line-up changed again in 2005 when Amelle stepped in to fill the role of “the racially ambiguous one”.  The hits continued and they spent this past summer gearing up for a new album and a plan to break in the U.S. signing a deal with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation.  They had already released the horrid “Get Sexy” overseas and mere days before they were to film a video for the second single “About A Girl” came the news that Keisha, the last original member, was being replaced with another black girl—-  cue fan outrage and internet forum outcry as it was announced that struggling U.K. solo artist Jade Ewen would be ushering in Sugababes 4.0.  So in American Pop-ese, it’s like Destiny’s Child being comprised of two random girls and replacing Beyonce with Christina Milian… madness!

Anyways, the NuBabes unleash their nu video for the RedOne-produced “About A Girl” and… well, it seems to be about six girls and it ain’t exactly the sure-fire US hit that it needs to be.  Looking like a direct to video action B-movie, “About A Girl” finds Tha Sugas looking bored while pretending to be sexy and dropping it like its hot in the middle of the desert.  There are also stock character bad guys, a suitcase, plenty of subtitles, and a separate trio of ass-kicking “Babes” that all make for one confusing ass mess of a video that is just as busy as the song.  SB4 are tragically devoid of chemistry and they subsequently get lost in a whirlwind of cheap-looking pop video nothingness. Maybe that break in America will happen with the next single.  Grade: C-

Sugababes - About a Girl by RMG-UK



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