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Sugababes - “Wear My Kiss” (Video)

Sugababes - “Wear My Kiss” (Video)

on Jan 20 in Passport TunesPopSugababesVideos

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Sugababes 4.0 emerge from a turbulent fall (no pun intended) that saw them weathering line-up changes, album release date delays, and one member going into hiding after receiving crazed fan-approved death threats and the girls come out on the other side of 2010 seemingly ready to re-claim past pop glory with the release of their latest video “Wear My Kiss.”

“Destiny’s Child: UK Edition” follow-up their recent homeland hit “About A Girl” with another Euro-friendly pop track that will absolutely not get any love from US radio (are they still moving forward with their plan to crack the American market with this project?)  The video adopts the sterile, clinical look of “Bad Romance”, and uses it as a canvas dotted with oversized luxury items, a digitized army of ‘Babes, and the girls in cheap Pucci knock-off dresses doing that whole rote “I’m sexy” thing that didn’t really work in the last video either.  The one thing I found myself fixated on was the wonky Pippy Longstockings ponytail that the black girl was rocking; it was both irksome and distracting. 

And although the song doesn’t really move me and the girls seem like they’d much rather be shopping at Harrod’s or something, “Wear My Kiss” works for me on an anonymous-Euro-vid-featuring-three-generically-attractive-lip-syncing-ladies kind of level—- which seems to be all that one can expect from these gals who seem to be simply fulfilling contract obligations at this point.  Grade: C

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