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Super Junior - “Devil” (Video)

Super Junior - “Devil” (Video)

on Jul 17 in K-Pop/K-R&B/K-Hip HopPassport TunesSuper JuniorVideos

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I think I unfairly spent the first part of the year looking to the world of K-Pop to deliver that instant high that comes from a well-crafted, super catchy pop jam.  While I finally did get my fix when Big Bang dropped “Bang Bang Bang” not too long ago, it’s also taken me a bit longer to appreciate some of the other K-gems that have been released so far.

It was a minute or two before I warmed up to EXO’s “Call Me Baby” because of my short sighted obsession with finding songs that would have me at “OMG… I freaking love it!!!” status by the time I heard the chorus.  The latest from Super Junior, “Devil”, almost fell victim to a slow and gradual welcoming as well ‘til I realized that every song isn’t gonna be a smash on the first listen.  The sorta surfer pop retro, kinda Motown, wee bit “Uptown Funk” vibe of the song confused me at first, but I quickly did an about face because it didn’t make sense to be disappointed when I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from the group in the first place.

Like the song, the video for “Devil” also is busy juggling varied influences as the clip manages to reference film noir, Quentin Tarantino, old black & white Hollywood flicks, cop capers, classic interrogation scenes and what looks like the set for “I Got A Boy” into an expensive looking and entertaining five minutes.  The choreography doesn’t get a lot of screen time, the “woman as devil” trope has been covered many times in pop music before, and they could’ve dialed back a bit on those constant pop up graphics, but I still appreciate “Devil” for the summer jam that it isn’t trying so hard to be—- Plus, the song sounds even better if you follow it up with “Call Me Baby” on your playlist.




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