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Taemin - “Want” (Video)

Taemin - “Want” (Video)

on Feb 16 in K-Pop/K-R&B/K-Hip HopPassport TunesTaeminVideos

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The teaser for the new single had me hyped though delivering something that would surpass “Move” was gonna be a tall order.  After spending most of 2018 on a K-Pop hustle with his SHINee bandmates, Taemin kicks off 2019 with a new solo album and a new visual that seemingly aims to pick up from where the last project ended.

The “Move” video was a sleek, minimalist, brooding exploration of understated sexuality and vague gender roles which was a stark contrast to the alpa male posturing or boy next door image often embraced (forced on?) other male idols.  The video for new title track “Want” is a bit more aggressive both in its lyrical content and its accompanying visual.  Tae, who waves his MJ flag a bit higher with each video, is singing about make you “want and thirst for more” while surrounding himself with dramatic smoke, black serpents and bondage-y face masks—- still not vulgar or explicit, but definitely a lot less vague than last time around.

I wasn’t immediately sold on the single/video but I also didn’t love “Move” ‘til that ish snuck up on me one day and hasn’t let go as I still bump it a year and change later. It’s no surprise that the production value of “Want” is next level so it’s a bit jarring to go from sets that seem big budget to a dance scene that looks like it was shot in nondescript art gallery.  Aside from that minor quibble, “Want” is another slow burner that continues keep him several steps ahead of his K-Pop peers.



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