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Tamar Braxton - “Love and War”

Tamar Braxton - “Love and War”

on Dec 06 in R&BTamar Braxton

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Well it’s about time.com!  Over the course of not one, but two reality shows (Braxton Family Values, Tamar & Vince) and several seasons of the girl belly achin’ about the slow progress of her solo career re-launch, it seems like “Project: Tamar Launch” is officially underway.

Yes, Miz “Doo Wop Pop Pop/Thas Not Hot” is front and center again after a slight decade long hiatus from her initial attempts to become the Janet to Toni’s Michael.  After all of this reality TV-driven hype, I’m a bit surprised that the Haus o’ TayTay didn’t unleash the buzz-y “Hot Sugar” first, but perhaps it is a good idea to establish her as a real vocalist before servicing the ratchet club jams market.

“Love & War” is a pleasant enough R&B power ballad.  It does indeed showcase Tamar’s impressive pipes and she manages to both remind you of her big sister while also hinting at a vocal style of her own.  I’m sure fans of her spin-off TV show will love “Love..” as the past few episodes have been infomercials for the single.  However, I’m not sure if this is the kind of first impression track that will truly get the attention of those outside of Team “Get Your Life.”

This is a respectable debut… er, comeback single but I’m kinda thinkin’ that an undeniable ratchet club jam might be the homerun that she’s looking for…maybe

Give La Tay a little iTunes love by clicking here.

** UPDATE ** OK, now that I’ve given this a few spins, “Love and War” definitely sounds like it’ll be a smash on R&B radio.  This is the kind of record that should have Keyshia Cole a wee bit worried.  I’m sure Tamar’s inevitable International Pop bid will come later.



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