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Teairra Mari featuring Flo Rida - “Cause A Scene” (Video)

Teairra Mari featuring Flo Rida - “Cause A Scene” (Video)

on May 06 in Flo RidaR&BTeairra MariVideos

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Its Teairra Mari…. and Flo Rida…. in the same video.  Despite this, I decided to watch the whole thing so I could formulate a well-informed opinion.  And?  Well, I do respect that lil’ Miss T. has risen from the cloud of dust Rihanna left her in and is still trying to do her thing.  Why she chose to have Timabland’s slow cousin in the video as a guest “rapper” doesn’t really make sense to me, but oh well.  Its yo video girl.

This is the ol’ “hood chick catches her man in a lie” scenario with a little bit of bottle poppin’ thrown in just to uh… make it different, I guess.  Nothing special goin’ on here ‘cept for that dance breakdown.  I was all set to give her props for that section but then I realized —- oh SNAP!—- I kinda saw it ten years ago in Busta Rhymes’ video for “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See”... and the glow in the dark African war paint set-up made a little more sense in his clip.  At any rate, she looks nice and I guess we should be glad she ain’t out on the corner doin’ ho sh*t.  Grade: C

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