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Teedra Moses - “California Vibes” EP

Teedra Moses - “California Vibes” EP

on Jun 01 in R&BTeedra Moses

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While I can appreciate the mainstream divas and all of their efforts to out naked each other, sometimes I just need a girl to eschew all of the antics in favor of some good ol’ fashioned R&B sangin’!

The internet has been a blessing and a curse for music nerds like me as it affords us the luxury of exposure to high volumes of new music daily but that often means that that undiscovered gems often get lost in all of the blog endorsed “Click on this!” commotion.

With that said, I was a bit surprised to learn not only that personal fave Teedra Moses dropped an EP, but that it came out back in December!  It’s been over ten years(!) since the release of T’s criminally slept on debut Complex Simplicity while the big breakthrough hasn’t happened for her yet, she has pretty consistently dropped quality jams over the years.  Label drama has limited her output to a few mixtapes and a few unreleased leaks so I was surprised that this new California Vibes EP is an official release.

T. Mo doesn’t stray too far from the hip hop infused R&B that made her debut sparkle.  Standouts for me include the Cali swag blunted bliss of the title track and the grown folks/real talk intimate nature of “Open Still”.  Sample the EP below and then go ahead and give Teedra some iTunes love.



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