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The Cast of “Jersey Shore” in “Friggin Twilight”—- Plus, The Situation “Sings”!

The Cast of “Jersey Shore” in “Friggin Twilight”—- Plus, The Situation “Sings”!

on Jul 05 in DanceShamefully Into This...TV

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Considering that I just spent seven hours going on a Twilight bender the other night and watching all three installments, this is especially funny to me cuz I get all the in-jokes.  I do love that these guys have a sense of humor about themselves and often play along with the joke even if its at their expense.  Snooki as Bella is hilarious and The Situation does a decent job of channeling his inner Edward although abs-wise, he would’ve been better suited as Jacob and maybe Paulie or Vinnie could’ve filled in as every teen girl’s gave dreamboat vampire (yes, I am ashamed to admit that I’ve given that some thought.)  Some cast members were mercifully used less than others but the whole thing is a home run and its brilliant promo leading up to the show’s season 2 premiere July 29th.  Speaking of which, I’ve also included the trailer for the upcoming season as it looks to be more of the tanned ‘n’ shameless shenanigans that made the gang such a hit (to some) the first time around… ‘cept this time they’re in Miami (which they remind us by endlessly quoting that d*mn LMFAO song as though once would not have been plenty.) 


And if that ain’t enough J. Sho for ya, then be sure to check out The Situation below pulling a “Real Housewife” and releasing his own dance single!  Actually, the track (which isn’t that bad) is more about featured artists Fatman Scoop and DJ Class with The Sitch thankfully reduced to the role of occasional sh*t-talker.  However, with the trend of music-making reality uh, “stars” being just as hot as vampires and werewolves right now, I definitely felt Mr. “Gym, Tan, Laundry”‘s future fist pump anthem was worth a quick listen.




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