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The Chemical Brothers featuring Beck - “Wide Open” (Video)

The Chemical Brothers featuring Beck - “Wide Open” (Video)

on Feb 02 in DanceThe Chemical BrothersVideos

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A quick Google search revealed that The Chemical Brothers have been consistently releasing music throughout the last decade—- they’re even up for a few Grammys!—- so I’m a bit ashamed to admit that they haven’t been on my radar since “Block Rockin’ Beats”.  Actually, that’s not true as a quick YouTube search reunited me with their Michel Gondry-directed “Let Forever Be” video which I remember loving back in the day.

The latest from The Chem Bros is a beautifully executed, flawless marriage of visual effects and dance.  Impressively shot in one take, “Wide Open” is one long “how did they do that?” moment that follows a dancer in an empty warehouse as her body slowly morphs into this creepy cool 3D mesh skeleton.  The morphing effect is so subtle that I had to rewind the video a few times to figure out exactly when some of her limbs made the transition.

The song is the kind of dreamy synth-pop that we’ve come to expect and love from Robyn and the sound serves as the perfect soundtrack.  A great example of deceptively simply storytelling, “Wide Open” showcase the impressive gifts of the dancer, the visual effects artists, and the songwriters.



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