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The Dream featuring Mariah Carey - “My Love” (Video)

The Dream featuring Mariah Carey - “My Love” (Video)

on Mar 09 in Mariah CareyR&BThe DreamVideos

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Sure, J. Lo likes to think of herself as a 6-ridin’, ‘round the way girl, but ol’ Mimi takes hood envy to a whole ‘nother level!!!  People always give La M. flack cuz she’s such a hot mess, but that is precisely why I love her nowadays.  The unicorn and butterfly obsessions, the inappropriate high school mall ho dresses, the Nickelodeon husband… I love it all!

So Meems is back duetting with producer The Dream and the video is priceless.  The whole affair kicks off with everyone’s favorite lamb and the dude who wrote “Umbrella” goin’ at it with a dramatic intensity that suggests that they’re auditioning for a coveted spot in the Tyler Perry Players Acting Ensemble.  However, if Rye-Rye was truly gonna keep it hood, right after Dream said “It take time ta git money”, I needed her to say, “I know it do” not “does”—- kinda killed the whole “authentic ghetto kitchen fight” illusion that they were goin’ for.  The rest of the clip is Dream goin’ off and blowin’ up in the industry (and letting you know that he has a Grammy) while Mariah stays home cookin’ hot dogs ‘n’ eggs and cornrowin’ hair on the front stoop.

Mimi doesn’t disappoint with the styling either.  The cornrows/lion’s main hair combo, bamboo earrings, and Jordans (!) were all a nice and unintentionally comical touch.  I wasn’t a fan of the song before, but because the video is blessed with classic Mariah kookiness, it just might grow on me.  Grade: B

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