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The Melker Project x Daft Punk x Indeep - “Last Night Daft Punk Saved My Life”

The Melker Project x Daft Punk x Indeep - “Last Night Daft Punk Saved My Life”

on Apr 28 in 70's80'sDaft PunkDancePharrell

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The next few days are gonna be busy for me, but I will make an effort to not neglect my blogging duties too, too much.  While I have a minute to share though, let’s get into a new jam, shall we?

So I just blogged about the new Daft Punk single last week and went on and on about how I thought it was OK at best and that the the single, an all-star collaboration with Pharrell Williams and Chic’s Nile Rodgers, did not warrant the hype preceding the track’s release.  What a difference seven days make!  Repeated spins of the track in addition to checking out a mash-up featuring iconic “go on girl"s and “hee hee"s from MJ were responsible to me finally warming up to “Get Lucky”.

A new mix has just surfaced from The Melker Project that marries the disco groove of “Lucky” with the funk thump of an 80s classic, Indeep’s “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life”.  This latest take on the song, now called “Last Night Daft Punk Saved My Life”, blends the vocals of both tracks creating a playful banter between the female vocalist on “Last Night…”, who is looking to get “saved” by the DJ and Pharrell—- the DJ in question?—- who is simply looking to get laid.

So in the spirit of this new decades-spanning remix, break out your best Daft Punk robo-helmet, pair it with a pair of bell bottoms and a Members Only jacket and get “saved” and/or “lucky” on the dancefloor tonight!



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